Six Mile Hill

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While it may have been the towering precipice of Whealkate Mountain that first caught the attention of copper prospectors, it would be the much less dramatic bluff of Six Mile Hill that would put the southern range on the map. It was here that a Mr Dunn first discovered the highly rich Baltic Lode, which would prove profitable for several mines along the range including the lode’s namesake, which would set up shop along the hill’s eastern slopes.

Sitting six miles south of Houghton, Six Mile Hill offers a sweeping view across the highlands south of the Portage and out towards Torch Lake. In the distance the blue tinted peaks of the Cliff Range poke up over the horizon, and along the hillside the ruins and rock piles of the old Baltic Mine emerge out of the forest. Best yet, on a clear day the blue waters of Keweenaw Bay can be seen out to the east backed by the faded silhouettes of the Huron Range.

NOTES: Thanks to the recently re-routed M26 this fantastic view can be easily seen from along the road. Best views are when traveling northbound.

DIRECTIONS: Follow M26 south of Houghton for roughly six miles, passing through South Range in the process. The highway will climb the hill and make a gradual turn to the right. The view is to the left.

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