Schlatter Lake

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Situated deep within the vast wilderness at the Keweenaw’s tip, this 400+ body of water is one of the peninsula’s most remote and undeveloped inland lakes. It is also one of the Copper Country’s largest, allowing ample room for a large wooded island situated within its north-east corner. Its north shore rises sharply up a steep ridge line, on top of which sits several primitive camp sites that provide sweeping views out across the lake’s calm waters. To the south the oasis is cradled by a sweeping wetland, while the soaring peak of the East Bluff rises off to the west.

Public access to the lake is limited to a few make shift boat launch areas situated on the lakes north-east corner, both of which feature no ramps or parking areas. Access to both points is limited to high-clearance vehicles due to the extreme ruggedness of the roads. Access is further limited to small fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks due to the inability to navigate a trailer along the rugged access roads.

NOTES: Schlatter Lake is entirely within public land, part of the DNR’s Keweenaw Tip purchase. Primitive camping is allowed along the lakes more rugged northern shore as well as on the island itself. While views of the lake can be had from along nearby High Rock Bay Road, access to the shoreline is limited to a couple of very rough and rutted roads leading down to the lake’s north-east corner. High clearance vehicles are a must.

DIRECTIONS: From Copper Harbor follow US41 north to its terminus. Continue straight onto Upper Mandan Loop Road and follow the dirt road for another 4.5 miles. Turn left onto High Rock Bay Road and travel for another mile, the lake will be visible on the right through the trees. Continue for another mile and the road down to the primitive boat launch will come up on the right, marked by a primitive sign nailed to a tree. Follow this road for another quarter mile to reach the shore.

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