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Sitting on the far eastern shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula, the small community of Gay was born far outside the influence of the copper empire. Initially a fishing and lumber town, the village eked out an existence from the surrounding forest and the bounty of the sea. But as the lumber and fish became scarce, the town's days were numbered.

However, in a twist of fate the town was given a reprieve by the Mohawk and Wolverine Mines, who chose the derelict fishing village as the site for their new massive stamp mills. With a new influx of money and workers, the village returned to its former glory. Before long, the town boasted its own school, stores, post office, and community center.

NOTES: The Gay mills were closed down by the depression, sending the town back into another downward spiral as it lost residents and industry. A subsequent lumber industry managed to keep the town afloat for the next several decades. Today even the logging industry has left, leaving just a sprinkling of houses and one lone business to support the community.

DIRECTIONS: Follow M26 north out of Houghton (a right turn after the bridge) for 10 miles until arriving at the town of Lake Linden. Follow the highway through town until arriving at a blinking yellow light (marked as Bootjack Road). Turn right onto this road and follow it for another half mile until just after crossing the Trap Rock River. There turn left onto Traprock Valley Road for 1.5 miles before turning right onto Gay Road. Follow Gay Road for another 10 miles until arriving at a sharp left turn into town.