Keweenaw Waterfalls

The same geological upheaval which created the sheer cliffs and rocky ridges of the Keweenaw also produced topography that lent itself perfectly to the formation of some spectacular waterfalls. As rivers and streams make their way down from the peninsulas soaring interior, it must flow over the several layers of tilted sandstone and basalt deposits on its way to the lake - along the way cascading and tumbling through picturesque canyons and impressive rock formations.

The most celebrated falls in the region is by far the Hungarian, which in fact is a collection of several waterfalls which makes their way across the Keweenaw fault-line. There are also those man-made waterfalls, caused by the flow of previously damned rivers over the impoundments that once held them at bay. The most impressive examples of such a waterfall being the Eagle River Falls, which make their way over a centuries old dam once used to power a Fuse Factory before tumbling down into a deep rocky gorge.