Hotel Scott

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The prosperity that copper brought to Hancock also attracted businessmen and investors from all across the country. Catering to these upper crust were elegant full-feature hotels that provided superb accommodations and excellent service at a high price. In Houghton this service was provided by the Douglass House, while in Hancock the honor went to the prestigious Hotel Scott.

Built in 1906, the Hotel Scott was a five story brick and sandstone behemoth that towered high above anything else in the city. The hotel’s 96 guest rooms flanked a six foot atrium that ran the length of the building – capped at its top by a glass dome which allowed generous amounts of natural light into the building. Rooms along its front façade were treated to a series of open air balconies that lined the front of the building. The hotel offered a saloon, dining room and barbershop on its first floor and had the prestige of offering the area’s only passenger elevators.

Over time those open air balconies were removed, and in their place was installed a wide enclosed veranda – similar to what could be seen along the Douglass House in Houghton. Under the veranda, the first floor was faced with rough sandstone and featured a unique corner entrance complete with a granite column. On its upper floors the building was embellished with brownstone quoins, lintels, and belt courses. The entire structure was capped with an oversized cornice and frieze featuring dentil and modillion elements.

NOTES: The enormous structure served as a hotel for most of its life, until its finally closing in the 1960’s. Since then it has remained mostly vacant but has recently been renovated for use as low-income housing. In the process its first floor has been returned to its original appearance. The building is not open to the public, but can be viewed easily from the road.

DIRECTIONS: The Hotel Scott sits at the corner of Reservation and Quincy Streets, right at the head of Hancock’s downtown. Upon entering Hancock from the south along US41, the hotel sits on the right as you make the turn into town.

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