Hecla Fire Station

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In many ways the C&H mine was a city onto itself, complete with the usual compliment of city services. The mine supplied its own water, power, and telephone service. It built and staffed its own hospitals, libraries, and bath houses. It even had its own police and fire protection.

The Hecla Fire Station was one of several fire stations C&H built on its properties. Fire was always a danger to a mine, especially with the amount of wood used both underground and on the surface. A major fire could shut down production for days or even weeks, causing thousands of dollars of damage in the process. To minimize that risk C&H installed dozens of fire hydrants across its properties and staffed a well equipped fire department to use those hydrants if necessary.

NOTES: The original fire house is in use still today, with some recent additions and improvements. As it houses an operating volunteer fire department (Calumet Township), the building is not open to the public. It is easily viewable from along the road however.

DIRECTIONS: The Hecla Fire Station sits along Mine Street in Calumet’s industrial corridor. Upon entering Calumet along US41 continue north to the second street light (Depot Street). Turn left and continue down the road to its end. Turn left onto Mine Street. The station is on the right.

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