Detroit and Northern Savings and Loan

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The immense wealth generated by copper mining had natured a thriving financial district in cities like Hancock and Houghton. Numerous banks were established in the area, some of which would go on to become financial powerhouses state-wide. It was 1939 that the Detroit and Northern Savings and Loan (Later D&N bank, now Citizens) left its small office in the Scott Hotel and moved into its own building – an Art-Deco building on the corner of Quincy and Tezcuco Streets.

Strikingly out-of-place in an area dominated by brownstone, this one story structure is faced with limestone atop a black marble base. Devoid of any terra-cotta or sandstone embellishments, the simple shapes and clean lines of the building are typically Art Deco in influence. Large windows are spaced evenly around the building’s single floor and are topped with a repeating geometric motif. The building’s inside featired tall ceilings and open spaces accented with marble floors and walnut trim.

NOTES: Though looking almost identical as it did during its youth, the building’s interior has been ripped out and replaced with office space. It now houses government offices and is not open to the public.

DIRECTIONS: This building sits along the left side of Quincy Street in downtown Hancock at the corner of Tezcuco Street, two blocks from the Scott Hotel.

FOR MORE INFO: Learn more about this building at the city of Hancock’s on-line walking tour.

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