Boston Pond

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Stamp mills required great deals of water to operate and thus had to be placed close to a large source of water. If a natural source of water wasn’t available, companies turned to creating their own. At Boston, the Boston and Albany Mine placed a dam across the nearby Boston Creek in order to create a 140-acre lake known today as Boston Pond.

Boston Pond is a shallow lake, with most of its shoreline disappearing into the surrounding wetlands. Along the lake’s northern shore stood the old Boston and Albany stamp mill which dumped thousands of tons of stamp sands into the lake. The result was a sprawling wasteland of red sands which covered the lakes northern shore. Recently these sands have been rehabilitated – covering them in layers of rip-rap. Also along this northern shore sits a squat peninsula which serves as a parking lot and boat launch. The lake averages a depth of only about 4-5 feet and is home to a good population of Perch along with Crappie and Bluegill.

NOTES: The DNR boat launch at Boston Pond sits at the end of a wide and easily driven dirt road. The launch is primitive with no dock, but there is a partial concrete ramp. Plenty of parking is provided on a large dirt parking lot. Fishing is also possible along the rip-rapped shore or at the earthen dam at the lake’s western end.

DIRECTIONS: From Hancock follow US41 north out of town for about 4.8 miles until you come to a blinking yellow light at Airport Road. Take a left here onto Boston Location Road instead. Follow this road for a short 0.3 miles until you see a dirt road marked with a DNR boat launch sign – turn left onto it. Follow this road just a short distance down to the lake.

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