Advertise on Keweenaw Free Guide For As Little As $30 A Year!

That's right, for as little as $30 a year you can keep your businesses name in front of travelers as they plan their trip to the Keweenaw as well as local residents looking for a new place to check out.

Of course like any commodity on the market, you get what you pay for. While we can offer advertising packages for as little as $30 per year that are perfectly suitable and effective for many businesses, we also offer those needing a more aggressive approach packages that better suit this type of marketing strategy.

For instance, at just $10 a month we can put your ads in a far more advantageous place, netting you increased exposure!

Don't have an internet presence? We can help you solve that problem as well. Our aim is to make your experience at Keweenaw Free Guide as simple and hassle free as possible.

Your Ad on a Specific Free Feature - $30/year
For one low price, your business can advertise on a specific free feature. We will be glad to help match your business with just the right feature. We'll place your ad with the feature and include a link to your website. As an added bonus, your ad is included when a visitor prints or emails the page - increasing your exposure. If you don't have an ad, we can create one for you for a one time cost of $30.

Sponsor Directory - $10/month
For a very low yearly cost, your local business can be listed in our sponsor directory. Every business listed in the directory (in order of advertising date) is also included in a rotation on the right hand side of almost every page under "Sponsors." 10 links are displayed at a time and rotate with each page view.

Your Ad on a Specific Category of Interests or Location - $20/month
For a little bit more, your local business can sponsor a specific interest or location category.

Your Ad on our Key Pages - $25-35/month
To further maximize your visibility, you can advertise on specific key pages of the site (links, articles, etc.).

Your Ad on the Home Page - $200/month
The greatest visibility for your business is on the home page, and for $200/month your business can be the first one seen by many visitors.

Get a 20% discount if you pay annually for the monthly packages!
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Don't have a website?

If you don't have a website, we can even help you there as well! For a minimal fee, we will create a simple website for you. PLUS...It will be a website that you can easily update! We'll help set you up with a third party web host and we will design a website for you. We will even come to your place of business to give you the training you need to keep your website updated - including written instructions tailored to your needs. No more calling your web designer or waiting for weeks to have them make simple changes to your website!

For more information on our website services or to advertise, please contact us.