About Keweenaw Free Guide

Keweenaw Free Guide is the source for everything to see and do in the Keweenaw - at no cost. We have assembled the most comprehensive free guidebook to the Keweenaw to be found anywhere on the web - featuring over 300 points of interest scattered across the peninsula. Hiking trails, scenic views, historic architecture, mining ruins, parks, beaches, lighthouses, cemeteries - you'll find them all here on the guide. This site is unique because everything you see here is free for the public to enjoy - no fees, no admission price, and no cost to you. Select an area of interest or a region to explore from the drop-down menu above to get started.

The idea for this site came about in 2006, but didn't start coming to life until 2008. Starting in early spring, we began researching all of the free things to see and do in the Keweenaw. When we listed out 300 things, we were amazed. We had no idea that the area had so much to offer in addition to the wonderful paid attractions. Throughout the 2008 summer and fall, we spent many hours writing, researching, driving and exploring. While we knew of many of the things featured here, we found many we didn't know about. During the winter of 2008/2009, we assembled everything and created the site you are visiting today.

Every picture here was taken by us. We traveled to each site in the guide. We strolled the beaches, hiked the trails and checked out the ruins. It has been a lot of work, but it also has been very rewarding. We hope that you enjoy this site and find something of interest to you.

A few times a week, we will provide updates to the site in the articles section. We'll give in depth reviews and give ideas for trips that bring items on this website together. We'll also announce new things we have added here, as well as bring to your attention to any changes to existing items. It does take a lot of time to visit every site on this website, so things may change before we revisit a location for an update. Therefore, it's very important to read the full Terms and Conditions of this site. Property ownership can change at any time - please always respect private land.

If you would like to help keep this site active and keep us on the road updating and adding new items, feel free to visit our support page to find out how. In fact, if you shop at Amazon.com, you can support us with no cost to you! If you have a business, you can also be a sponsor and we'd be glad to highlight you as such. For more information please visit our sponsor page. We also have self-produced items that you can purchase in our store.

Feel free to contact us with questions about the site - or if you have a question about the area, stop by the Copper Country Forum. There's quite a few of us over there that would be happy to try to answer your questions.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

- Mike and Tricia Forgrave