Abacus Calculators

The abacus is a great tool for teaching children how to count and add, especially in the case when they need help with numbers like three-five. So you have to explain to your child how does an abacus work? It’s also useful because it can save you from doing math calculations all by yourself during […]

Homogeneous Function

What Is a Homogeneous Function?

A homogeneous function is a continuous, differentiable function with only one real variable. Its basic form is f(x, y), with constants c, d, e, and f. Its definition includes the Weierstrass elliptic and triangle center functions. Pemberton and Rau’s textbook Mathematics for Economists describes this concept in detail. Chegg Study is another good resource, offering […]

Hermitian Matrix

Hermitian Matrix

A hermitian matrix is a complex square matrix whose conjugate transpose is the same as the first eigenvalue of the given matrix. Its determinant is a real number, and the principal diagonal is connected to the first element of the first row by the last element of the second row. It is also known as […]

Percent Composition

The Math Playground is an educational website that contains numerous games and interactive activities related to math. Its content is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and offers activities for grades 1 through 6. It is an ideal tool for classrooms because of its ease of use and many features. In addition to games, […]

Equivalence Relationship

The axiom of equivalence states that all numbers are equal to themselves. The same is true for any pair of equalities, as well as for any set of equalities. This is the key to the existence of equivalence relations. They also capture three of the four properties of a mathematical relationship. These properties make equivalence […]

Equality of Matrixes

Equality of matrices can be defined as the properties that a pair of matrices have in common. If two matrices have the same elements and dimensions, and their corresponding positions are equal, then these axes are parallel and their values must be equal. This property applies to all matrices, including multidimensional ones. The following examples […]

Dot Product Worksheet

The dot product, also known as a scalar product, is a math operation that returns one number as a result. The dot-product of two vectors with Cartesian coordinates is commonly used in Euclidean geometry. A dot product is an algebraic operation that returns a single number. To understand how to use the dot-product, let’s look […]